Which Roulette Has The Best Chance?

Roulette appeared in France in the middle of the 17th century, long before the appearance of slots. With roulette, a player with simple bets (even or odd, black or red or high and low) has a much better chance of winning than in slots. But the winning amount is less. Higher roulette odds are preferred by players in Germany and the UK. Roulette is more popular there.

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Roulette - 1

Place Bets After The Ball is Thrown

In live roulette with the dealer it is better not to bet until the ball is thrown. Experienced croupiers have made tens of thousands of throwing balls and are able to get into the sector of 4-7 cells, which has the least bets. You can also ask the manager for a replacement for a ball of a different size (diameter 18-21 mm allowed).

Different Types of Roulette

Type of Roulette: Description:
European Roulette There are 36 cells in European Roulette. The colors of the cells alternate - black and red. The numbers are out of order. Zero is a cell with the number 0 in green. European Roulette is divided into three sectors for quick betting. The advantage of a casino over a player is 2.7%. Chips in European roulette are moved with a special spatula. The croupier throws the ball against the roulette wheel, starting from the number on which the ball fell last time. The ball must make a minimum of three roulette turns.
French Roulette French roulette is similar to European. But there is an additional rule of “prison” (La Partage) - when 0 (Zero) is dropped, all bets placed on equal chances (even or odd, black or red or high and low) are not fully played, but half, and returned to the players. The advantage of the casino over the player is 2.7%, with the loss of Zero and bets on equal chances - 1.35%.
American Roulette American Roulette has an additional double zero cell - 00. This increases the casino advantage to 5.3%. Chips in American roulette move with your hands. American Roulette has a smaller table size.

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Play Roulette for Free

A very addictive live roulette game. In many online casinos you can play live roulette in the Demo mode for free chips. Playing roulette in demo mode is even in the simplest casinos. The demo mode is no different from the money game mode, only there is no win and no loss. Accustomed to the situation, you can continue the game for real money.