Which Casino Bonus is Better?

There are always several types of bonuses in online casinos. Bonuses are subject to certain restrictions. A large bonus amount is not always good if the conditions of its use are unrealistic. In serious casinos, bonus restrictions are more realistic, easier to fulfill and get your luck.

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Bonus No Deposit

Bonus No Deposit

The No Deposit bonus is most popular among beginners and is intended for new players. It can be money for balance and free spins. It seems that they give you money for free. But this is not so. You cannot use the No Deposit bonus as you wish. There are big limitations. If you do not fulfill all the bonus requirements and try to withdraw money, they will be confiscated.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is given to new players. It is almost always a good big first deposit bonus. Often this can be a No Deposit bonus and free spins. Also, a combination of different types of bonuses for new players is often found. When playing, bonus funds are usually used first, then the player’s deposit.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is provided to new and existing players. For new players, it is usually larger. The wagering requirement for a deposit bonus is milder than for a No Deposit bonus. Far fewer restrictions.

Regular Bonuses

Regular bonuses in the form of bonus amounts and free spins are provided to existing players. They also have Wagering requirements. Usually these are weekly bonuses before the weekend and bonuses for various holidays. In honest casinos, Wagering requirement is more realistic.

No-Wager Bonuses

No-wager bonuses example - Cash Back bonus. This is the percentage of your bets that is returned to your account.

Bonus Requirements

Requirement: Restrictions:
Wagering Requirement You cannot receive money immediately after the first win. You need to wagered bonuses a few dozen times. The number of times you need to wager is called Rollover. Usually Rollover 20-50 times. This means that you need the bonus amount to wager 20-50 times. For example, if the bonus is 50, then need to wager x50 times = 2500. If you were given free spins, then you need to win again to wager 20-50 times. Only after that you can get the money.
Restrictions on Certain Games A No Deposit bonus can be used in certain high risk games. In roulette and blackjack you usually cannot use bonus or just a small percentage of the bonus amount. In slots you can use bonus, but only in certain games.
Country Restrictions In the description of bonuses you can often find exclusions of some countries from the bonus program, and even a ban on some games. For example, for Sweden. These are local legal requirements. Sometimes you can find bonuses designed for players only from a certain country or group of countries - these are special marketing programs to promote brands in certain markets.
Time Limits Bonuses are valid for a limited time. Usually it is 1-30 days, sometimes up to 100 days, rarely 180 days. If you do not have time to fulfill all the conditions, the won amounts will be confiscated.
Limitations on The Amount of Winnings For the Bonus without deposit, there are restrictions on the maximum amount of winnings. For example, 500. If you won 10,000 with a bonus, then you will be credited to the account 500.

Bonus - 3

Limitations to 1 Player per Household

Usually the bonus is limited to one player per household. This means that the wife, brother or other users with the same IP and Internet connection settings are not eligible to receive bonuses. This limitation often causes newbie complaints.